Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique, developed by FM Alexander in the late 19th century, is taught using verbal explanation and hands on guidance in movement, with an underlying understanding of human anatomy and function. Described as “the study of human reaction”1, it provides tools for releasing yourself from harmful habits and helps you become less “reactive” to your environment, reducing the chronic musculoskeletal tension that many of us hold, with no idea we are doing so. You develop a much greater physical awareness of yourself, and in relation to space and other people. It’s been called “Mindfulness on steroids”, as it is so much more than external and mental awareness.


Clinical research has proven its efficacy in resolving back pain2, neck pain3 and research is currently ongoing into osteoarthritic knee pain. It has also been proven to help with improving posture4, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease5 and balance and mobility in older people6. Use of the Alexander Technique enables not just permanent pain resolution on the presenting symptoms, but long term strategies for addressing any further symptoms if they develop. One study found that after just six lessons, people continued to make improvements in their well-being a year later, by using the tools they had learned2. People using the Technique also report it helps them breathe more freely and easily, which is known to help calm the CNS. The return to ease of movement (mobility) can be extraordinary.


You use the Alexander Technique by applying it as you go about your daily life in a more conscious way, rather than having to take time out to practice it (though you may wish to do this in the early stages).

At Smart Pain resolution, the two approaches,  Alexander Technique and SIRPA, provide a powerful combination to ensure optimal outcomes. As chronic pain is often a combination of both physical and psychological factors, the dual approach is particularly effective. Whether we use just one or both approaches is open to discussion and the decision is led by you. All work is started with a full consultation.


Smart Pain Resolution does not offer a “quick fix” (although often significant change is evident in a surprisingly short time frame). You will be encouraged towards a healthier lifestyle, as this has also been proven to help reduce chronic pain and stress illness. Resolving your pain or stress illness will involve you making, with support, a full commitment to improving your own well-being.


After initial work: Sarah runs ongoing groups to provide peer support for people who have implemented the ideas suggested during their one to one work. The groups focus on personal achievements and celebrate progress, but can also help you maintain the changes you have made (as old habits have a way of creeping back in!).


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