About Smart Pain Resolution

Chronic Pain and Stress Illness: Chronic (or persistent) pain and stress illnesses can be debilitating.  They sap you of energy and enthusiasm and life becomes more restricted.  Smart Pain Resolution offers a way to roll back those changes and return to the life you once led, doing the activities you love that pain or illness has impeded.

There are many different types of chronic pain including persistent back pain, RSI (repetitive strain injury), persistent back pain, general chronic pain and sciatica, and long-lasting pain after an injury.  It can occur at any age from adolescence onwards. Pain is defined as chronic when it has been present for more than three months.


Stress Illnesses include chronic pain, digestive disorders, some skin conditions, vocal changes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, but there are many more.


Smart Pain Resolution empowers you to address the physical and mental or psychological factors that may be causing your pain/condition.  These may be other than what you expect, believe, or have been told.


For example, pain thought to be caused by “structural” problemse.g. a bulging disc, is often resolvable.  In many cases the cause of pain/illness is maybe a “misuse” of yourself via excess tension or effort, resulting in your body complaining.


Alternatively, your condition may be a “maladaptive stress response”, often following or concurrent with a major life event, to childhood trauma or a reaction to day to day stressors so common in modern life.  This is a protective mechanism, where your subconscious brain, in order to protect you from emotional conflict or turmoil, generates physical symptoms (often pain) to distract you from the distress caused by the internal conflict.


The nerve pathways that cause chronic pain and stress illness are reversible, so they are curable, no matter how long they have been there.


N.B.  Illnesses such as cancer, infection or auto-immune disease as the underlying cause of your chronic pain should be ruled out via medical consultation before starting work with Smart Pain Resolution.  Musculoskeletal symptoms of pain can be eased, and your mobility increased, but it is important to get appropriate treatment for any serious illness.

About Sarah

sarah-comptonSarah Compton (BA Hons, BPhil, MSTAT, MISATT) qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 2007, from the full time three year training course at the Alexander Teacher Training Centre in Galway. Since then she has taught the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups in Counties Fermanagh, Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.


Sarah completed the SIRPA practitioner training in 2014.
Sarah completed the one year City and Guilds Diploma in Body Massage in 2014 (Distinction all modules).


Sarah is also a qualified Trainer (Train the Trainer, FETAC level 6, Distinction), and in 2011 completed the Manual Handling Instructor (FETAC Level 6, Distinction).



Sarah’s main strengths are to present her work in a way that is accessible, comprehensible and above all, relevant to peoples’ needs. She has a warm, caring personality, and will offer you full support for the duration of your work with her. Prior to training as an Alexander Teacher, Sarah was a Child Care Social Worker, working for Local Government in Devon, and then Health Service Executive in the North West of Ireland.

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