Smart Pain Resolution Will Help You Get Back to Doing What You Love!

Smart Pain Resolution offers a unique educational approach to helping you to understand and resolve your pain, rather than just learning to live with it. To find out more click below.

Enniskillen and Sligo: One to one sessions and group classes available.

Other venues by arrangement. Also by Skype and Zoom.

15% discount on ten session package.

smart pain resolution

The Smart Pain Resolution Approach:

Using the latest developments in pain research, in conjunction with the traditions of the Alexander Technique, Smart Pain Resolution enables you understand why you have your pain, to take control of it, and recover from it, rather than just manage it


The Alexander Technique (reducing excess muscular tension and reaction, increasing freedom of movement) and the SIRPA approach (resolving internal emotional conflict and encouraging a healthier lifestyle) are both proven to help resolve chronic pain. Both approaches work to calm the central nervous system (CNS). Chronic pain almost always correlates with an over-excited CNS.


When the CNS is stressed, our bodies are unable to heal and restore themselves properly, from being in a constant state of nervous arousal. Both approaches are educational, and rely on you taking responsibility for implementing what you are learning into your daily life.


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